The company came into being in 1984 when the owner (Khalil M Choudhry) in his mid-20’s at the time started small scale manufacturing in well renowned Dental, Surgical & Beauty tools, sporting and leather goods city named Sialkot. Sialkot is known as one of major manufacturing hubs in South East Asia.  Khalil was already experienced with multiple manufacturing processes including leather cutting, coloring/dyeing, stitching; Sharpening and polishing various tools by the year 1988 when he first travelled to Virginia and New York. That’s where he noticed a tremendous trend changing in the Dental,   and Beauty industry. Khalil noticed a unique demand for high end quality hair cutting scissors/shears and shaving tools by multiple but unique category of hairstylists. That’s when he started research and development into what we are now known for “DAADR” scissors/shears.

We utilize high quality stainless steel and multiple different alloys of metals to produce highest quality DAADR line of hair cutting scissors/shears. We being the manufacturer take care of the DAADR from the point the metal is melted to the point the DAADR are packed and shipped out to our clients. We can also manufacture Nail & Cuticle Nippers, and Tweezers for major nail spas and distributors.

What set us apart from competition is our continued strive for Perfection over the years. DAADR has worked hard to achieve a good reputation that we have in the market today. This reputation has been achieved by competitive pricing, attractive packaging and outstanding service to our customers. We are focused on quality more than any other aspect of DAADR. We have been providing professional quality shears to a number of well-known Cosmetology institutions, Distributors and Salons. Our shear manufacturing defection rate is also one of the lowest in the industry. This journey is to be passed onto generations to come.

We don’t just get them made by makers overseas but actually make our own shears and get them to our beloved clients.

We do Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM).

If you are not amazed by our vast collection of DAADR scissors/shears then we will make a design that you are specifically looking for depending on the demand.

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